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APPRECIATING THE ANGELS WITHIN – 7 inexpensive ways to appreciate a teacher

        “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart” – Author Unknown Teachers are simply priceless and their impact in the lives they tutored are timeless;  they are not in any way constrained to the four walls of a classroom or lecture theatre as the lessons and values taught and impacted are immeasurable. We can readily christen any person impacting knowledge, values and character to another directly or indirectly, in ways that mould the mind and guide…

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appreciation excited. rain Rainy season


                        The rains are finally here in all its glory and I am excited! Oh yes! I love the sight of the lazy drizzles as they fall with grace, I love the lazy skies and dark clouds and all the water puddles that fill the road I love the feel of wet sand mingle with the smell of damn mud, The smell reminds me of our traditional earthen water pots…

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appreciation blessings FAMILY fun inspiration laughter raising children

THE EMPTY ROOMS – Savour the moments

The post below got trending a few weeks ago, it was shared on various platforms. I am not certain whose work it is originally, nevertheless, I appreciate the thoughts behind it. This post greatly inspires me and serves as a reminder to deliberately live in the now; appreciating every moment and time spent with our children.  It is good to visualize the future but also important to enjoy the present. Do not be a part of the crowd that always anticipate the…

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appreciation daughter LOVE notes raising children


Today I received my first love note from my six year old daughter, written without compulsion and with her very own initiative! The beautiful part of this tale is her presentation; she brought this ‘love note’ to me and said “mummy, I have something special for you and I will read it for you”. She then lay beside me planted a kiss on my cheek, then began reading out her epistle of love. I blushed, turned red with love, pride and…

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appreciation Birthday CHILDREN daughter FAMILY Motherhood


My adopted daughter clocked 20 a few days ago and I have been thinking of the right words of advice to share with her as she formally leaves teen-hood to womanhood.   Having passed through this stage of life called ’20s’, did not make the words come easy. It feels like we are generations apart (feeling so old *winking*). My experiences and the things obtainable in my generation seem slightly old school.   So in the bid to help my daughter take on…

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appreciation CHILDREN flowers lOVE parenting


My daughters brought a bunch of hand picked flowers for me today, it’s the second time I’m being given flowers this week. The beautiful flowers were picked from the garden at school, kept shielded through their ride from school and carefully dropped  on the shelve just to be presented to me as I came in from work.Oh how I loved the flowers which I received with a hug and kiss. You can’t imagine what this innocent act of love did…

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appreciation choice Gratitude life. great dat Today wisdom


I woke up early today excited over all I get to do before the clock strikes midnight. I have responsibilities to fulfill today.  I am important. My job is to choose what kind of day I am going to have. Today I can complain because the weather is rainy or …  I can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free. Today I can feel sad that I don’t have more money or…  I can be glad that…

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appreciation attitude CHILDREN FAMILY lessons mother upbringing words


A piglet once asked her mother “mum, what are you always searching for in the mud’, the mother answered in her best voice “when you become a mother, you will find out”! As a mother, I am often reminded of the above Sow and piglet discussion, and it brings to mind a new understanding of the impact my actions, inactions and words had on my mum.  This understanding comes with some good hands-on experiences, with my nest filled with little…

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appreciation bereavement grief loss pain teacher tears

GONE LIKE A WIND 11 ….. a little appreciation goes a long way!

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed as I quickly parked the car by the roadside.  The full impact of the news I had just received over the phone had hit home and very hard too. The tears flowed freely and I could feel the ache in my heart mounting. I received a text message in the early hours of this morning that my children’s school will not open as one of the teachers had passed on. So on my way to…

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