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Today I received my first love note from my six year old daughter, written without compulsion and with her very own initiative! The beautiful part of this tale is her presentation; she brought this ‘love note’ to me and said “mummy, I have something special for you and I will read it for you”. She then lay beside me planted a kiss on my cheek, then began reading out her epistle of love. I blushed, turned red with love, pride and…

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Few days ago I turned my room “right side up” looking for a document. I brought out files and turned out cupboards that haven’t be touched in a long while. I eventually found the document, but in the process I stumbles on a number of love notes my ‘gentle man’ and I exchanged back in the days. Some were ‘make up’ notes (imagine those type of love notes after a quarrel) but the majority were declaration of love. Chai! Would…

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