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“Didi don’t complain, put on whatever mummy has laid out
for you to wear”.

This is my 6-year-old cautioning her 4-year-old sister as she
complained about the choice of clothing I laid out for her to wear for Sunday

My mentee a.k.a first daughter spoke these words with all the calmness
and sense of responsibility abi is it
maturity a child of her age could muster. To ensure that her sister conceded to
her admonishment, she concluded her speech by saying – “is that okay? 

You can guess what the response from the sister will be. *winks*

I sat back and watched these conversations with glee! Oh yes, it
feels good to see the evidence of all my plenty talks with my girls
playing out. It’s amazing how grown they sometimes think; talk and even act, I daily see this maxim -‘learning never ends’ play out with these girls. Of a truth, children imitate and mirror what they see, hear and even feel,

So I present to you all my first ‘blood’ mentee who follows in my footsteps like no other! I am every day challenged to regard every opportunity to
correct or teach my duo as golden and administer it with deliberate caution.

Are you a mum (dad), caretaker/nanny, teacher or do you work
with children?  You have in your hands the esteemed privilege of leading,
teaching, guiding and influencing a child (ultimately a generation), it is
the golden opportunity to pour your life and values into your ‘mentee’.

Therefore, be deliberate about it, carry out this task in love and
in good faith. Your reward will definitely be without measure!

“Train up a child in the way he (she) should go and when he
is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22 v 6

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