My chicks are all grown and are out of my nest!
Waooh!! Its amazing how fast they have grown. Didi was one year two weeks ago
and Mimi clocked three years yesterday. Once upon a time, I could give anything
to have Mimi take a walk (she was crawling then *winks*) with me or even have a
meaningful conversation with me! Today, after achieving all these milestones
and many more, I now constantly pray for my “me time”, space and
quietness as my army of two will not stop tagging behind me like soldier ants!
They start their chattering once I walk through the door (after work); like
they have been mute all day. In all honesty, growth and progress is only a
matter of time!

 The hilarious part of my day, usually
occurs when my “tagging duo” opens and closes the doors as they tag
along. The taller (Mimi) opening the door and holding it ajar for the other
(Didi), so that no one is left out from following mommy and keeping up the
chatter in the process. Can I speak of when Mimi calls out to Didi, and they
both will hurry after me like they don’t ‘wanna’ miss out of something! Uumh! I
can only imagine the bond they will have when they are grown.

I can now say I have able workforce to send on
errands, play force and chatter force to engage my mouth at home. My dependent
babies are now independent though with a lot of supervision!  This is another work on its own as without this
supervision I would have mini crisis like Mimi feeding Didi water and flogging
her for not drinking! They will both cry and come to lay their complaints.

Should I
say it’s safe to say good bye to feeding bottles, breast feeding, wobbling
steps and drooling or has the work just begun? Yeah! I know the work of a
mother never ends.  It only transcend
into stages. So, here’s welcoming me to the sentence correction; question and
answer stage. Phew! I answer so many questions daily. For example, Is the sun
sleeping?  Is that the moon? (In the morning *rolling eyes*), look at
cloud (look at the cloud) Where is your daddy? (Where is my daddy?) I correct a
lot of tenses. An example – I want to switch the light, (I want to switch
on/off the light), I want to want spoon (I want spoon), give me your mouth ( i.e
I want lip gloss) not forgetting value and manners impartation. *whew*.
I am just grateful for God’s mercies and happy
to grow with them and learn something new daily. I am also thankful for the new
relationships that have been strengthen by Mimi and Didi’s presence in our
For all the birthday wishes, gift and prayers,
we say “thank you”. For those of you gunning for “in-lawship”, I wish
you well! Just keep treating their “momma” with love and I will give your
intent some thought!

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    Trendy Mother
    March 23, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Beautiful Dicey, Thank you for the comment. We are truly privileged

  • Reply
    March 20, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    I totally luv ds piece.The joy we get frm kids knws no bounds.I am grateful God gave us d privillege to become mothers .Still laffing at'I want to want spoon".

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