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With a few hours left to end the month of October and 61 days left to commence 2015, I reflect with great joy and fulfillment on how exciting and pulse racing the experiences of the last 10 months has been.

The month of October has been exceptional, memorable and filled with joy. Even though, there has been some near accident and death experiences; the amazing surprises, fulfilled expectations, launch of a new endeavour and some new milestones achieved by my awesome duo has made every day and hour worth relieving.

For the near accident and death experience, let me not bore you with the details but just a glimpse for your imagination – picture a car squeezed into a lane divider by a long haul trailer and a robbery attack where you saw the swift stroke of 
a knife blade and felt the tip on your tommy but do not know why you were not hurt! In all this we came out without a scar, just like a bird out of the fowler’s snare.

In all these incidences, I am reminded of God’s mercy and ever watchful eyes upon me and mine. For the new endeavours, just keep your fingers crossed as there will soon be an unveiling.

On the milestones achieved, my heart palpitates with pride as I celebrate the worthy achievement of my ‘ladies’. My two year old has finally been able to recite by heart a thirteen line recitation after months of repetition; while my four year old has finally mastered the revered art of creating music. It has been lots of effort and patient but I am glad it has paid off.

Not forgetting our dear country and all the ‘boko haram’ and Ebola episode. The many preventive measures we took that now look hilarious, from the washing and sanitizing of our hands after every hand shake, door knob touched, exchange of ball pens, or even accidental collision with another to restricting entry into offices or public places. I once saw a male colleague sanitized his shining bald head after a trip from the field. It’s amazing how we have overcome!

Just before the month of thanksgiving arrives, let’s raise thanks to the Most High who has made these past months rewarding and worth reminiscing.


Image source – http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pi5IILpKZOQ/T_CXejikdHI/AAAAAAAABQE/IcG7TaBHRg8/s400/simply+grateful+journal_3207.JPG

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    October 31, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    Yes God is faithful. these past few months i received lot of shocking news on FB. two dear people i know slept in the Lord. very young. am grateful for everything . am alive hale and hearty celebrating another year today. thank God for my family.

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