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family mission statement is a combined, unified expression from all family
members of what your family is all about — what it is you really want to do and
be — and the principles you choose to govern your family life. -Stephen Covey

Some times
last year we wrote out our family mission and vision statement and
pasted it on our refrigerator to serve as a guide to all the new and old
members of my family. Lol! This initiative was born out of a need for
peaceful co-existence between my daughters, who at that time argued a lot and
also unconsciously prefer the company of their friends over each other.
constant bickering would often times get on my nerves, so I knew it was time to
proffer a solution soon before I go berserk. I had to constantly settle
arguments between my girls who seem to temporarily forget they were related by
blood and owe each other love and respect.
In order to
teach them the importance of family and the responsibility of being
respectful and loving to each other, the family mission and vision
statement was published. This was pasted on the refrigerator to serve as a
constant reminder of the values we uphold as a family.
Today, as I
retyped the torn and worn out version of the family mission and
vision statement, I thought it wise to share this with you my readers, and
fellow workers in the vine yard of raising children that will make a difference
in the society and world at large. Besides, I never miss an opportunity to remind
us of the importance of living intentionally.
Did you know that most family’s vision statement evolved
from everyday circumstances which threatened their core values and the
need to promote peace and love amongst family
 The cases listed below
says it all –

 “With the Miller family. Lauren explains,
“Our mission statement grew out of a reaction to our 2-year-old’s fights
with his 4-year-old sister, which were usually complete with hitting, biting
and screaming.”

“When my
little girl became rude or bossy, I would hug her and remind her to love
others. Over time, these daily reminders grew into the family’s mission
statement: Use your strength to love and protect. Use your spirit to love and
give life. Use the life God gives you to do what is good and right, and to help

 ”The Starks’ mission
statement was created after they realized their children were treating their
friends more kindly than they treated each other. Diane was prayerfully
reminded of 1 John 4:21, which says, “Whoever loves God must also love his

Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families explained that a family mission statement lays out a vision for your family of where you want to go together and how you want to get there. It provides a path and guideposts pointing the way ahead and illuminating the curves and bumps along the way.

If most
structured organization have their mission and vision statements clearly spelt
out and boldly displayed to allow for clarity of purpose and singleness
of goal; why can’t this same principle be applied to the family unit
which is the first incubator of all great entities in the world. I believe
every family should incorporate
Happilyevermom.com shares
tips on
writing a family vision statement
 in 5 simple steps. There are:

  1.  Set up a few values or principles that are most important to your family. 
  2.  Look at these as broad categories that mean something significant to both action and   behavior (Kindness, forgiveness, loving, etc.). 
  3.  Then, turn them into “we are” statements.
  4.  Keep your vision statement between 4-5 concepts so it is easy to remember.
  5.  Get your kids involved in this (depending on their age), so it has meaning for them too

It is herein
emphasized that there’s a big difference between telling your kids “the rules”
and having “guiding principles” that influence all of your behaviour. Your
family’s vision statement should be the guiding principles for the actions of
your family members.
Having a family vision statement
is important as it c
reates a shared sense of  values and purpose; it serves as a guide to
parenting decisions and offers the children clear ideals to strive for. It also
provides the family a sense of meaning and identity, thus giving the children
the feeling of being part of something important and unique.

are samples to serve as a guide in creating a family vision and mission
can share yours in the comment box below once created.
new month!
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