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I had just gained admission into school at the time. I was still a teenager, trying to figure out life on my own. I was sick often, I did not like my course of study, I was different in a lot of ways and many people did not like me.

All of these, coupled with the fact that my family at the time was financially broke. My parents are civil servants and the government did not pay them for an entire year. My parents were broke, I was broke too.

I could say these are my reasons for always crawling into my mood swings, or I could say that I needed time alone that was why I wouldn’t talk to anyone for a while and not even laugh at jokes.

The summary is, I wasn’t always happy. It showed in everything. My interaction with people, the way I took some of the tasks given to me, the way I handled some issues.


Something happened one day that changed everything for me. An older brother that I probably did not like at the time, (There was just no reason to like him), when he approached me and asked why I was always looking depressed. I told him I was going through a lot, he said so many things but a bible verse he quoted stayed with me.

“Be Cheerful Always”

My heart was ready to rebel that he did not understand but I could not. It was the truth

That was a command to choose joy, not for anyone’s good but yours. Although, your unhappiness may affect others however your joy is first for your healing and then for the peace of others.

Since then, I have decided to choose joy regardless even when my hormones want to play a fast one on me!






Image Credits – team-fredi-6NuhIMkHnvE-unsplash.

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