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Intriguing Conversations with My 6-Year-Old

As a parent, there’s nothing as interesting as engaging in a deep and meaningful conversation with your child.

The other day, I returned from grocery shopping and left the price list on the table. My six-year-old son, Seddie, picked it up and began reading out each item of purchase. This led to a fascinating exchange between us:

Seddie: Mummy, what is feminine care?
Me: That must be Tampax, I answered while washing the fruits.
Seddie: What is Tampax?
Me: Eeemmh, I hesitated, thinking of how to explain.
Seddie: I guess it is something women wear.
Me: Absolutely, I breathed a sigh of relief.

These conversations with Seddie can sometimes be overwhelming, but I always cherish them because they are enlightening, and we both learn from them.

Recently, we’ve been reading a Bible chapter every day before bedtime. This helps us to understand the kids’ perspectives on scripture and share insights. Last night, we read Joshua 10, and Seddie led the conversation.
Seddie: Mummy! What is hail stone?
Me: Take a look, I showed him a google image.
Seddie: (looked at the image for a while) Did you know that God has four storehouses, one for the rain, one for snow, one for storms, and one for hail?
Me: Oh yeah!
Seddie: How does the sun and moon stand still?

His sisters took turns explaining to him how they understood how the sun and moon stood still. I loved these conversations because they gave me a unique perspective on the scripture through the eyes of a child. Seddie’s exclamations are always delightful! Whether he’s exclaiming, Mummy! 10,000 people died? or laughing out loud at the name of a place, these moments are pure joy.

Infusing bonding and learning into our daily relationship with our “crew” has been a priority for us as parents. Reading the bible together has been a great way to do just that. How about you? How are you infusing bonding and learning into your daily relationship with your children?

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