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Over the weekend my kids were down with a bout
of infection which made them vomit. Each child took turn vomiting such till it looked like they were competiting. This got me scared, as it went on for two days.

Hold on! Before you infer on the possible causes, no  new
food was introduced and appropriate hygienic standard maintained. So Mister & Missus ‘case reviewer’ hold your peace. lol! To this, we eventually paid our pediatrician
a visit. Case closed! *winks*

This stomach upset  really got me worried and even became a prayer point. (My
mum is a prayer warrior *laughs*)
. We all  know when a mother prays, she lays the issue utmost on her mind before God.. I was no different, as I daily told God about my kids, specifically mentioning the vomiting.

prayer point continued every time I prayed with my kids before meals and at
bedtime. I would always include ” please Lord don’t allow Mimi and Didi to
vomit, may their food remain in their tummy and digest, may …You know
that kind of prayer nah!

night when we knelt to pray at bed time,  I asked Mimi to pray and this is
how my dear daughter prayed:

I thank you

you bless my mummy

you bless my daddy

you bless Didi

mummy will not vomit

will not vomit

In Jesus

I had
to stifle the laughter that almost erupted to  say ‘Amen’.

prayer usually ends abruptly. My opinion anyway!, Am sure Heaven hears it differently.

else can I say – Children will readily grasp what they hear and see compared to laid down instructions.

For some of us that like praying, “God kill my enemies” with and around our children, let’s be mindful. 

At the hospital, I noticed a few cases of infection in children that led to
vomiting. So,  let all the  mommies  beef up hygiene.

them clean and safe!

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    Trendy Mother
    September 15, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    @Sodiya,true talk!

    @Anonymous 1:16, Mummy doesnt call aunty Ronke 'mero', so she will not mimick. *wink*
    Dont be afraid.

    Thank you both for reading and dropping your comment.

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    September 15, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    That was awesome. Kids can be magnetic and fast. I laugh when mine mimic every thing I do and say too. How amazingly we can impact them that young!

  • Reply
    September 15, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Mimi thank you for your wonderful prayer• Mummy and daddy will not vomit• Lol• Nice one• Its good we show good exemplary behaviours around young ones and mindful of our words• No more Mero• God help us all•

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