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Silencing your Fears

When you face a challenge –

Do not FEAR!

I repeat

Do not FEAR!!

I vividly recall a long meeting with my supervisor on a specific Key Performance Index (KPI) that needed improvement. The conversation ended with, “I will move you to a different unit if things do not change in the next 3 weeks.”

For the first time in my adult life, I couldn’t sleep that night because I was afraid of failing.

I remember vividly the scene and where we both sat to have the conversation. I still remember the hairstyle and the blouse I wore. I remember every detail because I learned a great lesson from the process that proceeded from that conversation, and it has been pivotal to my growth in the workplace.

After processing all the FEAR in me, I began addressing the ‘What If’ questions. Once I silenced those thoughts, I gained clarity to thoroughly think through the challenge using the tips below – 

1. Define what the WIN is for the KPI

2. Reassess and review my current performance

3. Review the existing strategy with my team

4. Researched and re-strategize to effectively deliver on the defined WIN

5. Engage relevant stakeholders for feedback

6. Implement and monitor executed initiatives

It was an exhausting process but I took on the challenge with a ‘full chest’ as it is fondly said.

Today marks exactly 6 months after the conversation and I am eternally grateful to God that the KPI has been exceeded by 200%.

The process of taking on that challenge stretched me, increased my knowledge of all I needed to know about the key deliverable, and boosted my self-confidence to succeed at any task I set my heart on.

Are you facing a challenge at work, home, relationship, business, or financially? Don’t panic, you might encounter many setbacks, but you must stay undefeated and resolve to win.

You’ll achieve great feats when you believe that FEAR is just an idea-crippling, experience-crushing, success-stalling inhibitor that can be inflicted only by yourself.

So I say again, do not FEAR when you encounter a challenge! for it paralyzes your mind, limits your ability to think strategically, and stifles your belief in yourself.

Face your fears today and 

Live fully!

Rule your sphere!!

be unapologetically you!!!

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