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ART ATTACK – Teach your kids to spell their names with ease

Few days ago, I decide to have an art session with my duo. The purpose was to help them master spelling their names with ease. My focus was on my four year old even though it was interesting seeing the junior join in the fun-filled exercise.   Our art project primarily consisted of four steps: · Drawing bold letters that made up their names on a cardboard· Carving them out· Colouring· Pasting on another cardboard We started off setting out the items…

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Were you one of those that were taught to pronounce the alphabets as A, B, C D…? If your answer is affirmative, then you are ‘ancient’ like me. Even though I did enjoy learning it that way, the surprise that waited for me in the future (like it’s usually said) and for most of us was pronunciation. A good number of us often pronounced words the way we pronounced our letters. (Don’t analyze! I know it’s true and am right!…

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