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ART ATTACK – Teach your kids to spell their names with ease

Few days ago, I decide to
have an art session with my duo. The purpose was to help them master spelling
their names with ease. My focus was on my four year old even though it was
interesting seeing the junior join in the fun-filled exercise.  

Our art project primarily consisted of four

· Drawing bold letters that made up their names on a cardboard· Carving them out· Colouring· Pasting on another cardboard

We started off setting
out the items required for the project – a white card board paper, some A4
paper, a tube of glue, scissor and a set of crayons.

We drew the wide alphabets that made up their
names, then cut them out and each of my project team members began to color the
alphabets in different colors and then paste them on the cardboard. 

Drawing and cutting up those alphabets was not
as easy as “art attack” (the children’s arts program on DSTV channel 309) made
their creative arts look, but we pulled through.

Here is how our work looked!

The excitement on their faces as they labored
over their task made the effort worthwhile.

We pasted this on the wall opposite their bed.  That way, their eyes can behold it often. 

In two days, my four year old achieved our goal!
She spelt her name effortlessly.

Try it and share your success

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