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learning lessons living MOTIVATIONAL perception


A new driver was assigned to my unit years ago and today’s muse brings memories of my first encounter with him. He was neatly dressed in a white shirt and grey pants with a red tie, extremely polite, and was eager to please everyone. As we made our first ride together, he repeatedly asked if I was comfortable with the music, air conditioning temperature, the positioning of the front seat, the speed of the car, and everything else till I…

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Another phase Birthday LIFE living new phase


Life is a beautiful and an unending story which comes with different phases. It sometimes looks like a theatre play where one curtain falls and another rises, with the audience waiting to watch the next scene with palpable expectations. Every phase of life will always unveil newness, just like the petals of a beautiful rose. We daily experience these phases of life in varied ways ; the birth of another generation (a baby), the ‘leaving to cleaving’ phase, the birthing…

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