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Last January, my friend, and a great Coach encouraged me to review the year 2019 with her and plan for 2020, it was not an easy task, but it was the best way to start my year 2020. We used a resource called ‘The year ahead’ by yearcompass.com. It took me forever to answer the questions and fill in the columns; yet she was patient, insistent, and committed to ensuring I harnessed the benefits of the resource.  When I mentally…

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Life is a beautiful and an unending story which comes with different phases. It sometimes looks like a theatre play where one curtain falls and another rises, with the audience waiting to watch the next scene with palpable expectations. Every phase of life will always unveil newness, just like the petals of a beautiful rose. We daily experience these phases of life in varied ways ; the birth of another generation (a baby), the ‘leaving to cleaving’ phase, the birthing…

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