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A new driver was assigned to my unit years ago and today’s muse brings memories of my first encounter with him. He was neatly dressed in a white shirt and grey pants with a red tie, extremely polite, and was eager to please everyone. As we made our first ride together, he repeatedly asked if I was comfortable with the music, air conditioning temperature, the positioning of the front seat, the speed of the car, and everything else till I assured him I was fine.

I decided to engage him in a conversation to get him relaxed and focused on the journey ahead. As we chatted, I realized it was his first job after a two-year search. He was so excited and eager to please that I could literally sense the adrenalin rush.  #justkidding

How often do you feel that rush?

Oftentimes, we take on new projects, begin a new career, relationship, or a phase of life with so much passion and excitement, such that it feels like we are in possession of a lottery ticket. Then midway into the project self-doubt rears its head and we begin to wonder if we are living up to expectations. If it’s on a new job, thoughts of measuring up torment us, if it’s a project, we question how the quality of the work would be perceived or measured by the stakeholders. And even when it is a personal endeavor, we keep the expectations high and stringent.

Here is a reminder for you today to slow down and discover your Rhythm in the midst of all of these. A life rhythm is an underlying pattern on how you operate. Identify yours!

The truth is, on that new job you would have met all expectations or at least some expectations before you were recruited. And even if you didn’t, fate smiled on you, so take on the new opportunity to prove your worth and transform that space.

BELIEVE in yourself and in the inherent abilities that have helped you performed in times past; yes, the reason you were able to prove yourself in those situations again and again. So rethink trying to please that ‘someone’ on the job and focus on improving the value of your deliverables.

You can self-appraise with these questions –

  • Are you solving a problem?
  • Are you adding value?
  • Will your work stand the test of time?
  • Will people come asking for you because of the value of your work/impact made?

These thoughts should be your initial evaluation of any project, job, or relationship. Quit the self-criticism! Trash the long list of stringent expectations that you never seem to measure up to. And if you are starting on a project and feeling you’re racing against people’s expectations and results, pace yourself and find your rhythm.

Progress made on many fronts begins with taking one day at a time and with small steps. Besides, some progress could be a time of growing inwards, unlearning, learning, and relearning, with minimal results to show at that moment. Remember the Chinses Bamboo tree which takes 5 years to grow its roots downward and then last for over a hundred years once it grows out!

You might just be at that season where your plant hasn’t budded nor shown forth its fruits or harvest. Don’t compete against time, the world, nor depend on the validation of others to forge ahead. Do not be discouraged nor confused, seek to understand the season you are in and stay grateful.

Make out time to sit still, think deeply, and discover your life’s Rhythm, light always comes after a dark patch.

So, with that new pregnancy, new business, new marriage, the new relationship found after a long wait. I would suggest you take it easy but stay focused, find your rhythm and trust yourself.

Only when you find your rhythm, will you find peace, self-satisfaction, and contentment in the midst of all your labor?


Image credit – prateek-katyal-FxtIWX8Q0J4-unsplash.jpg

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