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Life is truly in stages!

Some years back I had vehemently opposed any form of ‘schooling’ during the long school holiday, especially the different variations that commences at the beginning or the middle of the long vacation. I always held onto the belief that three terms are long enough in a school session to impart every form of knowledge and fun. As such, the long vacation should all be about rest, play and fun activities.

Now, at the stage of life where my girls can convincingly make their requests with matching points and convictions such that any wavering mind can be easily converted, I am forced to have a rethink!! The second tactic deployed in winning their case is wearing one out with constant reminders and what I call – ‘sweetness’.

“Mummy, pleaseeeeee have you paid for the summer ……” or 

“mummy, Dammy my best friend will be super happy to see me at the summer … so when will you pay”?

Or the ‘hammer’ that breaks all resistance – “mummy bring your cheek, mmmuah! I love you”

“Who else suffers this politicking?” 😅😆😅😅

So weeks preceding the Vacation Bible School (VBS), my girls repeatedly informed me of their desire to attend, till it sounded like the clanging of metal on my ears. No conceivable argument with them went uncontested; it felt like they already knew I had a ‘mind set’ on this ‘schooling’ during vacation. Bottom line is that they won and they commenced a few days ago!

Vacation bible school is a 10-day retreat for kids, where they play, interact and learn a bit of English and numeracy, and a lot about having and maintaining a relationship with God. From the excitement I get swamped in when I get in from work, I am certain they are having loads of fun and I am grateful they got their request. (More like manipulation 😊😒).

On the 2nd day following the commencement of VBS, my soon to be 3 year old woke up with a start and jump out of the bed, rushed passed me and didn’t even acknowledge my enquiry –  “Seddie, no good morning to mummy?”
He ran straight to the girls’ room to be sure they had not left without him. When he did not find them on their bed, he started wailing and shouting 

 “Mimi, Didi where are you? Don’t leave me!”

Only when he found them did the tears stopped and calmness returned.

If a three year can be this expectant, what more conviction do I require to know that the activities at VBS and any other fun packed activities at the summer school is worth the try for any child as long as the logistics are adequately taken care of.

Life is in stages; approach each stage with an open mind.

Be adventurous!
Do not be strongly fixated on convictions
Learn, re-learn and have fun while at it.

Happy Vacation!


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