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“Politics is simply dealing with people in a way that
produces outcomes that are beneficial to you or the group you represent.” 
Terry Arndt

place of work has become a replica of the House of Representatives or Senate
where I daily watch the different act of politicking with intrigue and fun. I laugh
at the roles the different players display and can sometimes predict the
outcomes. Even the most naïve of the pack have learned the robes quickly.
To be successful or at least remain relevant in this organisation, one is
required to be part or a broker of the power play.
Today was very eventful as our Boss whom we get to see thrice a week came to the office for the fourth
time this week and arrived quite early too.
You can only imagine the increase in activities and scurrying
around by our many ‘high flyers’; laughable? I know but it happens in many
other organisations.
boss, fondly referred to as oga D has been a little more active than usual
since the inauguration of GMB’s administration. My guess is, he is trying to
get more than a foothold on the new folks in power to secure our services of
supplying stationery, laptops, toiletries and
diesel for
another four years. These contracts from the government house and office are
the mainstay of our business.
Other supply contracts from many
other multinationals are supplementary.
D is a master strategist; he is patient when trying to win a new client and
very convincing when given an opportunity to present our business case
. He is well spoken and has a reservoir of information on
politics, governance, football and relevant topics that might interest his
clientele. 90 percent of the business deals our company enjoys are not from
business presentation but from strategic relationships he has cultivated in his
sojourn in the corridors of power; committees and fora he has been privy to attend.
effective service delivery and accountability my boss entrust each relationship
to a team of 7 to manage, with the team lead reporting to him weekly and a
directorate (made up of 10 teams) meeting fortnightly. Every team strives to
manage the best relationships ranging from the government house to oil majors
to the top Telcos. These relationships come with their baggage of rewards.
get notice by your team lead and eventually Oga D, you will need to learn and
master the game of politicking; getting noticed means being assigned
relationships with good perks and lots of benefits. It also boost appraisals
and afford such a staff speedy ascension through the ranks.
a bid to achieve this, i
t’s not unusual
to encounter people who are unfair, unprincipled or just plain insincere; all
striving to be ahead of each other. These acts sometimes make my work place
very competitive and at other times, a breeding ground for unproductivity.
Yeung aptly expatiates more on this as seen below –
Because business is about competition. Some of it is subtle
and unspoken, but nearly everyone is competing for budgets, opportunities to
work on more exciting projects, customers, or resources. And then there’s
competition for promotions, time with important colleagues, prestige,
recognition, bigger salaries, and, of course, power. But the very fact that
people do plot and scheme at work illustrates one of the truths of politicking
– that it delivers results.
While we’re at it, here’s another home truth – politicking
happens whether you like it or not. Yes, some people try to be noble and refuse
to play the political game; they focus on their jobs and work hard in the hopes
of being noticed and rewarded for their efforts. But sadly there are limited opportunities
in the world of work and, more often than not, these sorts of people just end
up being overlooked or ignored – either by colleagues or important customers or
both. Do you want to be overlooked or ignored?
… If you can find the right buttons to push, your colleagues
and customers will give you pretty much whatever you want. If you think you can
succeed without getting political, you need to wake up. Wake up and smell that
…. Politicking merely describes the act of scrutinizing business
relationships and learning how to influence others more effectively. It usually
involves going through informal channels rather than officially sanctioned
ones, but that doesn’t make it bad in and of itself.
… You can use your understanding of politics to influence
people and achieve goals that are good for the organisation as well as
yourself. Read more here.
the above in mind, let’s work at reducing the intense office games and cutthroat
competition and channel our energy towards productive politicking.  If you can’t cope with all the politicking in
your office, get some advice on ways to win in office politics here.
rest my case! 


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