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I almost got into trouble this morning in the bid to beat the resumption time at work. While traversing through the morning rush, I got to a spot on the road where cars slowed down and the traffic was building up. I checked the next lane and noticed that it was free and without a second thought, swerved into it.  I would have speed off only to see Zebra Crossing lines right in front of me and immediately stepped on…

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Lagos LIFE traffic


The traffic today was bad. It looked like all the cars and trailers in Lagos had a convention in Apapa. The side streets and back roads were filled with cars. Leaving Apapa in 1 hour was simply hopeless. As I sat in that traffic, my mind was on how to get home early enough to make dinner and help out with other chores. Honestly, on days like this, all I desire is to do is get home, shower and sleep…

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