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There was a new role advertised in the office – one that I and everyone else agreed that I was the best fit.
So, I went on to apply and waited for the shortlisting process to be complete. As expected, I cut alongside six others who got invited for a chat – I was excited!

I went for the chat and aced it from the feedback received. Then, I took my eyes off the ball and forgot to prepare for the next phase. I was deeply immersed in my current role, as external examiners were milling around, that I didn’t take a moment to consider what the next phases of the interview process would be.

Then the invite came 24hours before the scheduled date – I was frazzled! I went into the actual interview and assessment Centre with the hope that I would wing it. As I answered the questions, I was numb and gave myself no time to think of it all.

At the end of the interview session, my spirit was at its lowest ebb because I knew I could have done better if only I prepared.

I did the only thing that saves me over and over again- I opened my heart to God in prayer right there in my office space as people watched in through the glass frames that covered me.

Days turned to weeks, then more weeks still no word came in from the assessors, and I gave up hope. I told myself, well, you did not prepare for it, so do not expect anything but silence. I concluded they had moved on with a candidate.

Exactly six weeks later, It was movie night with the kids. I got a notification that I could have ignored, but something nudged me towards it. Out of the blues, it was a confirmation that the time was mine.

Here was the true definition of IT WAS ALL GOD

Are there periods you desire to give up? Have you written yourself or someone else off? How often do we judge ourselves and others by human standards?

For no effort of mine, God showed up for me because his thoughts are not my thoughts and His ways, not my ways.



Ogechi Obiodu
Image credit –  Unsplash/Ron Smith

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