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A Letter to God – About the year 2020

Dear Father, It’s been a millennium since I last wrote to you. I know all has been good because you live in my inside and are fully aware of my lines of thoughts even before they spill into words — I’d still spill them all the same.😋 So, the year past had been a rollercoaster of emotions for me and other humans on earth. We went from high spirits heralding the decade to crushed dreams, uncertainties, and fear, even to heaviness of…

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Gratitude Half year review July new month perceptive.


“Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, and the creativity of the Universe” – Deepak Chopra “Reflection enables us to evaluate experience, learn from mistakes, repeat successes, revise and plan” – Sherry Swain It’s July, the seventh month of 2018 and I am excited! All though it feels like it was a few weeks ago we watched those beautiful fireworks usher in 2018 amidst excited shouts of Happy New Year. One, accompanied with strong handshakes, bear hugs and…

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