CHILDREN fun rain


It was certainly going to be another rainy
day, the light drizzle and heavy clouds confirmed that the downpour today will
be heavy as it has been all week. My daughters and I hurried from the balcony
to the car, covering the short distance with quick strides while trying
unsuccessfully to shield our heads from the drizzle with our hands. As I made
to unlock the door so we can all get sheltered, my younger daughter asked
“mummy,  why is it
raining?”  I made no attempt to
answer as we were all trying to adjust ourselves into our seats and shut the
doors from the rains which was driven by the winds into the car. As soon as my
elder daughter was comfortably seated, she answered the question in a very
confidence and matter of fact tone.

there is this giant tap in heaven where God opens every time he wants to
wash His hands. So today God has opened the tap to wash his hands and that is
why it is raining”
I laughed hard while turning to take a look
at her facial expression which had now turned mischievous. “Mimi!” I
exclaimed and she answered “mummy what?”
Didi being a little unsure of what just
transpired between Mimi and I asked innocently “mummy is that true”
referring to  Mimi’s explanation of rain.
And that is how our discussion on ‘rain’
became the day’s topic as we drove to church.
Have you heard any ‘wonderful’ description
of rain by a child? Please share, I’d love to make a compilation of them all.
Enjoy the rains!

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