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I have never loved washing burnt pots and I am not ashamed to admit. I have also noticed my daughter does not like washing them either. In her words, “mummy”, this soggy rice can make one puke”.My response – “that is just food soaked with water, mbok wash it”. I am happy that I am the chief supervisor and not the other way round. I for hear ‘wee’. Recently, I made this same confession of my aversion for washing dirty…

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LITTLE HELPING HANDS – Chores for 2 – 9 years old

  I love this picture, it’s a picture of my friend’s 4 year old daughter chopping carrot as neatly as a good chef. The fact that she can chop carrot and other vegetables into such fine shapes comes as a timely reminder to begin teaching and allowing my children handle house chores without hovering over them like a mother hen. After all, didn’t John Adams say that practice makes perfect. It is only when we attempt a task that we get…

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