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THE CITY CALLED APAPA – Beauty in the Ugliness

comfortable commute to work will end half way again today as the roads have
been blocked by trailers and tankers. A two lane road now accommodates 3
tankers and trailers parked bumper to fender, a total stand
still!  Not even a motorcycle can wiggle through. This has almost
become a daily occurrence and I am one of the thousand voices screaming for a
respite. An otherwise calm and beautiful start of a day can be turned into
a nightmare leaving one ruffled and unnerved.

requires a lot of self will and motivation to work or do business in the once
beautiful city of  Apapa, Lagos; the foremost city of ports, terminals and
a one-time cosy haven for sailors and the indigenous rich of the land. The incessant
and uncontrollable traffic situation in Apapa has made accessing and exiting the
city a nightmarish experience which  leaves
one’s spirit dampened and low, thus making ‘daily hustle’ difficult.
A 20 minutes commute to work has become a gruelling 4 hours journey filled with
frightful experiences and mind-wrecking hazard. What else can I describe a 20
minutes bike ride criss-crossing through trailers, tankers and trucks whose
driver can’t see the bike nor its riders. #scarybutreal

yesterday, I narrowly escaped a head on collision with someone driving ‘one
way’ speeding down the bridge leading right into Apapa from Iddo; all in a bid
to avoid joining the scary traffic. With shaky feet I stopped, only to discover
that the daring law breaker was clad in the uniform of an established institution
that is committed to uphold the law, order and ensure the safety of Nigerian
citizens. #eyesrolling

week, it was a trailer that virtually pushed the vehicle I was trapped in to one
side of  a narrow road, with deep potholes which made the rickety
trailer groan and look like it was about to collapse on our vehicle. The scream
of terror from other passengers was swallowed up in the roar of its engine and
the driver of our vehicle felt helpless and scared.

into the great Apapa is now a pulse racing experience, even the ‘okadas’
(commercial motorbike) who are usually ready to ride off to dreadful places at
the most attractive fee now avoid riding into Apapa. The throngs of people
trekking in and out of Apapa in the morning and evening is a sight  to behold, and can be best likened to the
children of Israel as they travel through the wilderness.

can I do to remain happy through this? I asked myself a few days back as I
joined in the morning trek.
day at a time with thanks giving” was the silence response from
my heart
“For no man’s journey
on earth is easy” it continued.
the smiles, laughter and gaiety you see on the faces around you, lies a lot of
pains, tears and great determination to pull through”. The silent voice

here I am extending the same comfort to you on that issue trying to drain you
of joy in this season. Yours may not be ‘the travails of working in Apapa; it
might be more difficult or heart-wrenching than I can understand. My advice is
– “Just take it one day at a time and be thankful for all things.”

Always look for
beauty in every ugly situation.

Have a great week!

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