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The gradual growth of a pregnancy bump can
sometimes be a thrilling and an exciting experience, especially for a greatly
anticipated pregnancy. My third missionary journey felt like a whole new
experience, It was after all a pregnancy that came after a few years. My
initial excitement  knew no bound as such
it often felt like my attention moved from everyone and everything to the
unborn baby.  *winks*
While expecting that pregnancy, I probably
caught the ‘baby blues’. Every baby within sight and around caught my attention
and long after they were gone, I would continue to fantasize on their cuteness,
smile and scent. Not to mention that almost every pregnant woman looked fragile
and beautiful in my sight. It almost felt like I had never being pregnant nor
had a baby!!
In the early months of trying to get
pregnant, I remember the many times I tearfully looked at the pregnancy strip
with its marked lines; the only evidence I desperately needed to confirm the
existence of  a new life in me. Those
days and months were just full of what I now refer to as ‘monthly emotional
dramas’. My hubby never minced words in reminding me of the beautiful
opportunity we had at life and health and how he wasn’t under any pressure to
have more children. Isn’t it amazing how we humans often forget the blessings
around when desperately chasing or expecting another!!

My third pregnancy journey wasn’t all rosy,
yet in spite of all the odds seen and experienced, I wasn’t in a hurry to see
the end of my 40 weeks. My guiding quote
was “take each day as it comes and savor the experience”.
There were days I felt so fragile and fatigued and on many others I felt so heavy
and uncomfortable like one carrying triplets (how do women carrying 4 babies
cope? Awesome God!!). In spite of all these, I was thankful that I remained
beautiful, full of health and happy.
My tale would not be complete without
mentioning the awesome support structure I
enjoyed from my family and colleagues. My able colleague – Igwe,
who had to drive me to the hospital on two occasion when the baby did some
somersaulting and left me in pains, lol! My ever supporting hubby who took it
upon himself to monitor my sleep pattern like a senior prefect especially after
I made repeated visits to the hospital because of constant aches on my side; he
religiously watched and ensured I slept mostly on my left side. Not to mention
how fast he would wake to massage my legs when those awful muscle cramps visited.
Sometimes it felt like he slept with an eye open . *grinning*
Not to mention  my ‘yellow sisi’ who learnt to be a ‘power
woman’ in a jiffy. Not only did she learn to cater for me but the whole family
at those times when I was most feeble. And my amazing duo, who daily kept the
chatter up and consistently bombarded me with their torrent of questions, thus
preventing me from dosing off before their bedtime, especially once my back
hits the couch.
My five year old  made my pregnancy journey especially
beautiful. Questions like –
Is baby going to have a bath?(when am off
to take a bath).
Is baby wearing clothes?
Is baby resting? (when I tell her I need to
rest a bit) or out rightly asking – what is baby doing now etc.
Or how they would take turns hugging my
bump once I informed them that the baby could hear them talk and feel their
hugs and kisses (dunno for the later). I can’t forget the different names they
would christen the baby every week, often times the names of their class mates!
*rolling eyes*
I do remember like yesterday a night my duo
drank so much water all in a bit to make their tommy protrude like mummy’s and
then walked around the house mimicking a heavily pregnant woman! Lol! Couldn’t
laugh enough nor ask them to stop, I just allowed them have their fun and wear
themselves out.
This last pregnancy was a golden
opportunity to look inwards with gratitude to God for that awesome opportunity
to once again deliver another generation. It was a truly humbling experience
for me, it was this mindset that kept me from grumbling on days I could barely
lift a finger or foot. And on days when the baby kicked or responded to a
prodding with sporadic movements, it aroused in me an awesome feeling of love.
I often did imagine the day I’ll get to see
the face of the ‘nation’ I was delivering and prayed to shower the baby with
every love, attention and affection our hearts can hold when we eventually met.
And so finally in the beautiful month of
August, our eyes beheld our baby, our hands held him and our hearts were wooed
with loved for him. we now play, smile, cuddle, blink at each other and
exchange ‘coos’  so often like our
existence depends on it. Another phase has truly began for me and I am savoring
Share your experience, be it old, new or
still in process, I’ll love to read your bump story!


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