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The word TEAM WORK

I woke up this morning with no desire to make breakfast, all I just wanted was to stretch and remain in bed until whenever!

Some days are just like this, especially on weekends which often begin with that urge to do nothing but just ‘chill and relax. Thank God the kids aren’t toddlers…

So this morning, I announced from my bed-  “today’s breakfast is serve yourself”.

My husband laughed and added, “its cereal this morning people”; to douse the torrent of questions that would have followed from

our crew.

Children are gifted in the act of questioning ‘every’ sentence or decision made.

So when my body finally decided it was time to be up and about, everyone worked with me towards getting brunch ready as ‘cereal no dey hold belle’.

The girls washed the tomatoes and whisked the eggs, while my hubby chopped the tomatoes, onions and pepper. I peeled, boiled the yams and made the egg sauce.

With all hands-on deck, meal was ready in a few minutes and I went back to having my ‘me time’.

Team work is an important element in every relationship.

A proverb aptly likens team work in marriage to two hands washing each other. (Two hands will wash each other better than what only one can – Unknown)

I will further describe it as a fusion of mind, ideas, visions, dreams and bodies to achieve more.

The bible wraps it up in Deuteronomy 32:30

.. which states one will chase a thousand and two will chase ten thousand.

How are you contributing to the team(s) you belong????

Remember! Together everyone achieve more!





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