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The word TEAM WORK

I woke up this morning with no desire to make breakfast, all I just wanted was to stretch and remain in bed until whenever! Some days are just like this, especially on weekends which often begin with that urge to do nothing but just ‘chill and relax. Thank God the kids aren’t toddlers… So this morning, I announced from my bed-  “today’s breakfast is serve yourself”. My husband laughed and added, “its cereal this morning people”; to douse the torrent…

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PEACE TALKS – The Battle for Supremacy

I can’t help but write about the event of this evening. An exciting and thought provoking incident! I came into the living room with the intention to lounge – sit, stretch my legs and watch the television till sleep comes. But just as my butt hit the cushion, my ladies came bustling to possess their choice and coveted spot – mummy’s laps! Whoever settles in first ensures she takes full  possession of the whole space with no intention of sharing.…

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I love the fact that the door has been a good shield in so many ways to me. Safety from danger is the least on my long list, top most on that list is ..an entrance to my sanctuary, my place of quiet, peace and rest. Oh yeah! Rest from the terror of the ‘little feet’  that runs through and fro the corridors and rooms of my home with intermittent shouts of ‘mummy’. Feet that bring conversations which sometimes are…

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