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There are some nouns that come  when you hear the words “mind your business”- intruder, pokenose, busybody, meddler, marplot. We have had a lot of memes that arose from minding your business like “Good morning, don’t forget to drink and mind your business’ or “when you are on your own lane, there is no traffic”. Well, if you live in a busy city, you know that this may only be true on an early Sunday morning or in a lockdown.…

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PEACE TALKS – The Battle for Supremacy

I can’t help but write about the event of this evening. An exciting and thought provoking incident! I came into the living room with the intention to lounge – sit, stretch my legs and watch the television till sleep comes. But just as my butt hit the cushion, my ladies came bustling to possess their choice and coveted spot – mummy’s laps! Whoever settles in first ensures she takes full  possession of the whole space with no intention of sharing.…

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This post is not an indictment on people that snore. It’s just an experience shared. I often wonder how the spouse or sleep mate of such people cope. Recently, I volunteered to drop a friend off after paying me a visit. Just one of my good Samaritan deeds. It was a long drive and my friend slept through a better part of the drive. This I assume was probably from exhaustion or from the heat of the hot afternoon. You…

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